Minggu, 26 April 2009

Egnyte beats FTP?

It is a known fact that modern day business relies on everyday data sharing. The bigger company is – the more complicated schemes binding customers, managers and developers appear. FTPs may not do the trick then. The better solution for sharing files is professional software developed for the need of firms. One of the young but promptly growing companies that have succeeded to build a software package like that is Egnyte. Since year 2006 they have expanded from Silicon Valley to Europe and Asia, so I think they really have a point.

File sharing software by Egnyte contains three main features. First of all, of course, it’s a tool that allows to manage access to files for multiple user groups. There power users who are likely to be employees of a firm. They have a very wide choice of different setups for their account. Power users can arrange data into suitable hierarchy, set permissions, arrange other users into groups, protect their data from other working groups while keeping their group’s data up-to-date and available at any given moment. Standard users are initially customers who have fewer rights but along with that Egnyte, as it should, remains a lite and user-friendly application.

Another advantage of Egnyte is data backup which can be set automatic or manual mode, off-line access and more. All of above named features keep their functionality even with very large files thanks to Local Cloud solution.

Prices vary according to required configuration, but you are a non profit or academic institution, feel free to claim for a discard.

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